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Asset 9


Dutch State train operator, running the East Anglian, Scotrail and Stansted Express rail franchises.

Work Delivered

Review of digital marketing programs for the Abellio Greater Anglia (AGA) and Stansted Express (STEX) brands.

The report followed the online customer journey, from planning an itinerary (part of which could include rail travel) to organising the destination events (such as entertainment, accommodation etc.). The report highlighted the ‘touch-points’ in a customer’s journey, often beginning in another country.
Online diagnosis tools were then used to analyse the digital marketing actions (at the key customer touch-points) and the likely/extrapolated results being obtained by a chosen list of AGA and STEX competitors (and other ‘best-in-class’ organisations); and benchmarking the actions and performance of the competitors against AGA/STEX.
A concluding report detailed recommendations to develop and enhance AGA/STEX digital marketing activities derived from the analyses. This work has now developed into a process of ongoing digital marketing benchmarking, both between companies within the AGA group and in comparison to other ‘best-in-class’ organisations.

Asset 19


Autogas Limited is a Shell/Calor joint venture supplying LPG/autogas vehicle fuel.  Autogas Limited has a business objective actively to develop the UK autogas market.

Work Delivered

Review and redesign the strategy and revise the business forecast/investment requirements for the Shell/Calor joint venture Autogas limited. Define the key target markets and the tactical actions required to increase conversion of vehicles to autogas – or to encourage the supply of new-to-market LPG vehicles from the car manufacturers.

The revised business plan identified the threat to diesel vehicles – particularly light vans and taxis operating in urban areas where air quality is of increasing concern – which could fundamentally change the market environment for LPG (propane) as a fuel. The business plan identified opportunities within the commercial van and taxi markets, in addition to strategies to return growth to the second-hand vehicle conversion market. The business plan also reviewed UK vehicle refuelling infrastructure, identifying changes or investment required to support autogas consumption growth in the local Government, taxi and commercial-distribution market sectors.

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Wesleyan Assurance Society is a financial services company that provides advice and products to select professional groups – notably GPs, hospital doctors, dentists, teachers and lawyers.

Work Delivered

Review and redesign the digital marketing strategy being followed by Wesleyan Assurance to intercept financial investment and assurance decisions.  These decisions are taken at key stages in the career path of customers in Wesleyan’s core professional financial service markets. Develop a two-year digital marketing campaign roadmap to realise the objectives behind the recommended digital marketing strategy.

The digital marketing strategy that was developed recognised the changing business environment – and the changing decision process – in the financial services market: a market which is highly susceptible to the growth of purchasing decisions being informed and abetted through online forums, comparison sites and promotion through search engines.
The analysis behind the strategy researched how customers are attracted to the Wesleyan website, and the information-gathering and purchase process customers will wish to follow having reached the site.
The report proposed online promotional campaigns designed to increase visits to the Wesleyan website, and described how the user experience provided by the website could be improved to increase conversion rates from initial interest to final purchase.
Part of the digital marketing strategy involved an online benchmarking process against both ‘best-in-class’ organisations and Wesleyan’s direct competitors. The benchmarking process identified media advertising, and affiliate and partnership marketing opportunities, intended to drive traffic to Wesleyan’s website at key points in the purchasing decision of the doctors, dentists, teachers and lawyers that Wesleyan targets.

World LP Gas Association


The World LPG Association (WLPGA), based in Paris, is the authoritative global voice for the liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) industry and the worldwide industry association which represents the interests of the LPG industry globally.

Work Delivered

Develop a digital marketing strategy, which coordinates with a conventional marketing program, to promote LPG through the ‘Exceptional Energy’ brand to commercial organisations, consumers and Government across the 250 countries where the WLPGA operates.

The digital marketing strategy took advantage of the influential members of the WLPGA, and the power of their high-domain-authority websites, to help optimise the WLPGA web platform through backlinks and content on members’ websites. 
This WLPGA potential web footprint is one of the strongest routes to obtaining search engine optimisation across the dominant search engines in a range of geographic regions.  The analysis underpinning the strategy demonstrated how effective social media marketing in both B2B social media (LinkedIn) and consumer (Facebook, Google Plus, You Tube, Instagram etc) could be at influencing a diverse customer base.
At the same time influencing Government was most efficiently achieved through generating content on the consumer media and industry websites.
A social media and digital PR campaign program was established to achieve the digital marketing strategy objectives of the ‘Exceptional Energy’ brand.