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Wilson Steiner can define and manage the delivery of any marketing activity.

This page traces the services we have delivered most frequently over the past few years.

Market Research

Clear market segmentation is key to successful new business generation.  We can identify the criteria that define your target market.  This is likely to be a group of customers with similar needs, who make purchasing decisions in approximately the same way.  We can research the size of that market segment, the number of available decisions, and the value of each customer decision.  We can define the product and the proposition that is most likely to persuade the customer to purchase, and identify how you can help ensure the customer chooses your product over that of your competitors.

Marketing Campaigns

We can convert your target markets and customer proposition into coordinated offline and online marketing activity.  Marketing campaign design and implementation is highly specific to your business objective and the business resource you choose to use; and, by using, to further develop.  Our support will be tailored to your current corporate capabilities, and the capabilities you wish to develop going forward.  We can provide any mix of marketing campaign activity; from a sales force presentation, to a PR and/or advertising campaign, to an exhibition stand or point-of-sale material, or to a digital marketing strategy and campaign roadmap to deliver your online business objectives.

Digital Marketing Strategy and Digital Campaign Roadmaps

Online marketing mirrors offline marketing. It is important to understand the process by which the customer makes a purchasing decision, and then to intervene at key points in that decision-making process.  An online decision process is highly likely to involve a search engine (of which Google is by far the dominant platform in the UK), could well involve social media and the online/offline press, and is highly likely to involve 3rd party websites with whom it would be wise to develop a partnership – and very probably a promotional presence.

Content Marketing

As with offline marketing, your ‘Content’ (i.e. the structured messages you wish to convey to customers) is key to your marketing programme: from partnership marketing, to affiliate marketing, to online PR and social media, and to search-engine-optimisation for your targeted Google search terms.  Wilson Steiner has extensive experience in building digital marketing strategies that follow your customers’ online decision process; and which ensure that your company and products are present where and when customer purchase decisions are being made.

Digital Benchmarking

There are a wealth of analysis tools and methods that allow you to observe and understand the online strategies of best-in-class organisations and also of your direct competitors.  There are key differences between successful marketing approaches in different market sectors; and of course for different types of customer.  It is far more cost effective to learn from other organisations’ successful marketing approaches – and also their mistakes – than to invest in untested or unperfected online marketing yourself.  Wilson Steiner are experts at using analysis tools to provide insight into the online approaches adopted by other organisations; and then setting out recommended digital strategy and campaign roadmaps for your organisation derived from this analysis process.

Marketing Campaign Optimisation

There are a wealth of tools that measure the efficiency and effectiveness of any online (or offline) marketing campaign.  Understanding the online marketing activity that brings customers to your website – or prompts customers to approach your business through conventional channels – is of key importance.  This is closely followed by striving to ensure that ‘first contacts’ are converted to customers; whether that first contact is through your wider web presence, across your company website, through telesales, or your sales force.  Wilson Steiner can help you with this process; maximising the return on your marketing investment as a result.